Starters support teachers in getting lessons off to a "good start" and support setting the tone for learning in classrooms.
We have developed a range of starter materials to support consolidation of previous material, and some "fun" content to engage students into the topic/lesson plan.
500 Starter Mix
They are all short activities designed for pupils to work on at the beginning of their mathematics lesson. The format of all Maths Cloud content is designed to be supported by interactive whiteboards so many support touch screen use.
Starters give your lessons a focused beginning and allows students to settle into a lesson with a desire to learn.

100 Topic Anagrams
There are over 100 anagrams which allow the students to unscramble the key words for each lesson.
Four Question starter
Hundreds of topic questions to support the start of a lesson. Choose up to 4 topic questions to support consolidation or revisit introductory learning for your lesson.

You can choose from our "Foundation (KS3) topics" or Higher topics (KS4) topics.
Four Question Starter image
We know that things evolve and change and we will continue to do our best to improve our resources, making your life easier and easier for you, so please, if there's a topic you need - get in touch and we'll put it together for you as soon as we can.