Student Workbooks

Maths School Workbooks (produced by Maths Cloud Ltd)

Nothing really replaces good old fashioned Workbooks. Our workbooks provide students the appropriate skills and problem solving practice students need to succeed in examinations.


Maths School GCSE Skills Practice Workbooks have been put together to provide learners with relevant and appropriate skills practice in line with current GCSE specification. The workbooks have examples, questions and solutions at appropriate levels. Their is also space within the workbook to answer all the questions, so no additional paper is required.

With hundreds of practice questions, this workbook will complement any other learning taking place, and complements our online courses.


Since the UK Department for Education set out that all GCSE Maths assessments should test reasoning, interpreting and problem solving skills in at least half of the GCSE questions, there has been an increasing demand from students to get access to more content, in order to practice those questions that not just test the skills taught in schools, but those types of questions that assess those reasoning and problem solving skills

These workbooks offer hundreds of questions all designed to support the practice of those skills and come complete with worked solutions and space for students to complete the questions, so no additional paper is required

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